About me

My name is Maria (Mia) Bäcke. As of August 1st 2013 I work as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Human Sciences at Högskolan i Kristianstad teaching English grammar, literature and language proficiency courses.

Previously I worked as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Languages at Karlstad University teaching English literature and language proficiency distance courses.

On May 27th 2011 I successfully defended my PhD thesis in the field of TechnoScience (although my background primarily is in the humanities) at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden. My thesis, entitled Power Games: Rules and Roles in Second Life, focuses on the community structures, the power relations, and the dramatic as well as the social performance happening in four different role-playing groups inside the online 3D world Second Life.

My undergraduate studies (1999-2003) were conducted at Karlstad University which resulted in a Master's degree in English, German, and Media and Communication Studies. In 2003 I began working as a project manager and university lecturer at the Department of English at the same university, teaching courses such as "Text, Media, and Culture" and various literature courses for teacher trainees.

I use this blog mainly as a way to remember talks that people give at various conferences or workshops, to summarize ideas I get from reading various texts and occasionally to write about my own research. Lately, I've decided to add writing I've done related to my critical stance vis-à-vis xenophobic, right-wing parties in Sweden. Much of this is in Swedish, but if I have the time in the future I will try to translate it.

I currently live with my family in Malmö in Skåne, Sweden. If you would like to contact me, please do so at mail[at]mariabacke.se.