Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New job

As of July 1st I will work full time at the Department of Languages at Karlstad University, my alma mater, which I left to pursue my PhD six years ago. It feels really great to be back and I will be able to teach in line with my interests, since one of the courses I will be teaching, "Culture, Media, and Society" (which will be taught twice to two different groups), is really spot on and the two literature and language courses are also courses I love to teach. In addition to this I will do some essay supervision.

All of these courses will be taught as distance education, which suits me fine since the distance between our home and work will be 545 kilometres (or approximately 340 miles), and this is indeed a bit too far to commute on a daily basis. I plan to go to Karlstad perhaps three or four times per term, though, and I certainly look forward to this as well, since this hopefully will give me the opportunity to catch up with old as well as new colleagues.

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