Friday, February 10, 2012

Back in the Saddle

My oldest son has recovered nicely after the car accident in September and he is now spending 2-3 hours in school every day. He still gets tired if the days get too long, but physically he's more or less back in normal shape and this is great.

This also means that I have begun looking for work again and this also feels great. Yesterday, Anne Stewart at Communicativa held a seminar on how to write better CVs and I received quite a few handy tips. One of the good things about this part of my journey is that I get to pinpoint and express the things I'm good at, which means that I get to do an inventory of everything I've done so far in my life and I realize that I've done quite a few interesting things. I also look at the underlying values and the reasons for my previous choices and try to make them conscious, expressing them, since they most likely will influence my future as well. I'm suddenly getting the opportunity to take a really close look at what I do and who I am. Useful.

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