Sunday, October 30, 2011

Catching up

It has been a long time since my last post. Life has been busy. We moved to Malmö over the summer, the children started new schools, and everything seemed great, but on September 16 we were in a car crash. A moose ran very fast across the road just in front of us and the hit was pretty bad, removing half the roof of our new car.

As a result I (the driver, since my partner T. was at home with the flu) was left with a concussion, scratches and bruises on my face. My youngest son, who sat behind me, was left unharmed, but my oldest son, who was sitting beside me, suffered major injuries. We were taken to hospital right away in three separate ambulances. That night it was decided that my oldest son needed more extensive medical attention and he was taken to Akademiska sjukhuset in Uppsala and despite my own injuries I followed suit. He was in the intensive care unit at the neurosurgical ward and the following morning he was taken to surgery in which they removed an epidural hematoma caused by four burst blood vessels. The surgery was successful and he recovered nicely until it was time, five days later, for the next surgical procedure, to patch up all the fractures on his facial bones. This time he was more aware of what was happening and he was scared, but I'd have to say that he dealt with it amazingly. This second surgery also went very well, and my son now has pieces of titan mesh on the side of his nose, on several places around his left eye cavity, on his cheek bone, and his upper jaw. Another few days of recuperation followed and then, ten days after our accident, my son and myself were flown to our local hospital. My youngest son had been home with T. for a week by then and he was already back in school.

My son spent yet another week at the local hospital before he was allowed home and the weeks afterwards have been filled with doctors' appointments and physiotherapist sessions, often four appointments a week or more. Many different disciplines are involved since the injuries were so diverse and my son has met with ophthalmologists, orthoptists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, dentists, plastic surgeons, as well as otorhinolaryngologists. He sometimes gets dizzy, his eyes are not completely focused (especially when he's tired), and his concentration span is limited, but we're so happy to see that he is now definitely on the mend. The people at the hospital have been truly amazing and we're immensely grateful for the help and support we have received. Life is not completely back to normal yet, but we're getting there...

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