Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Proof-Read and Done

I received a hard copy for proof-reading last week and I made a few alterations in the document before I handed it in to the printer's again this morning. After that I sent it to the opponent (associate professor Robin Teigland at the Stockholm School of Economics), the grading committee members (professor Sisse Siggaard Jensen at Roskilde University, professor Susan Kozel at Malmö Högskola, and associate professor Lisbeth Klastrup at the IT University in Copenhagen), the examiner (professor Lena Trojer at the Blekinge Institute of Technology), and my supervisors (professor Jay David Bolter at the Georgia Institute of Technology and associate professor Mikael Jakobsson at Malmö Högskola). A pdf version of my PhD thesis can be found here.

It feels really good right now. I have just handed in an article for a special issue of Convergence, and I am to present my work at the monthly Nordic Virtual Worlds Network meeting in Second Life on May 11th. On top of that the defence is only a little more than three weeks away.

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