Friday, October 22, 2010

Søren Bro Pold: Discursive Places: The Talkaoke Cases

Søren Bro Pold and Christian Ulrik Andersen have written a paper focusing on the provincial town and call it an "information space in the periphery." Søren Bro Pold argues that such spaces are losing their meaning, as young people do not spend time in the city centre any more, preferring an online environment. Their Talkaoke project is intended to re-establish a common place or space.

The Digital Agora: Beyond iMedia. "The great urban paradox of the twenty-first century is that we could be living in a predominantly urban world without cities — that is, without spatially based systems of cultural communication and sharing of meaning, even conflicting sharing" (Manuel Castells, 57). Talkaoke - an experiment where people were welcome to speak about whatever they pleased in a microphone which spread what they said in the vicinity, thus encouraging a public dialogue — was tried out in three places: Skive Beachparty, Mølleparken, and Gellerup in Århus. Spatial discourses: histoire, discours, and transitive discourse.

Bro Pold describes Talkaoke as a probe to record the discursive "temperature" of a place (lieux) as well as test the potentials of a space (espace). Further research: The rhetoric of the mediated show and the relation between center and periphery.

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