Friday, October 22, 2010

Per Linde: Media Places – Digital Flows in Modern Urbanity

Per Linde at MEDEA, Malmö University, is interested in new media, collaborative cross-media and social innovation and how it opens up for "ways in which contemporary power and control are structured — through both discourses and infrastructures." Place-centric computing = even if we are mobile, we are still in one specific place at one specific point in time. Time-space compression (Massey, virilio, Harvey). Non-places (Augé).

Linde lists a number of projects, such as the setting up of temporary digital streams. He points to the ubiquity of mobile phones. Current studies project Bluetooth-enabled devices to reach many people. Urblove - participatory creation of place-centric games. Patterns of movement and the city as a terrain. The technology is intended to facilitate participatory creation.

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