Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oscar Juhlin & Celia Yanqing Zang: A Fashion-ology of Mobile Innovation

The aesthetics and fashion of mobile devices is what Celia Yanqing Zangat Mobile Life Centre focuses on in her presentation. Fashion-ology (Kawamura). Fashion system is an institutional and cultural arrangements that use particular cultural objects to be adorned in a specific way. Create the constant fluctuation of taste, and link industrial production to the variations in consumer values. These three points were the most interesting:

• organization (design group, colour and material group) and cooperation (fashion fairs, shows, trend agencies, presentations, seminars, trend reports)
• colour variation (colour cycles in trend analysis, colour schemes and changes in being in or out; two perspectives: fashion trend and consumer behaviour; colour and materials: mobile phone — hard materials)
• temporal change (fashion cycle: a period of time or life span during which the fashion exists, moving through the stages). Fashion in mobile phones operate on longer cycle than for instance fashion in clothes.

Conclusion: Aesthetics as visual expression deprived from inner logic. Aestethics as emerging in social practice. Fashion is produced in a system.

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