Friday, October 22, 2010

Maria Poulaki: Locating Cinema in Tensed Topologies

Maria Poulaki discusses disorientation in space in film. The example she refers to is Roberto Saviano's movie Gomorra.

• Ubiquitous multiplicity of perspectives and disorientation (shifts in narrative, in point of view and scale, and in lens focus).
• Cinematic ubiquity - "based on the (new) conditions of visibility and presence that include invisibility and virtual presence" (T.Elsaesser World Cinema: Realism, evidence, presence)
• Evental orientation in Gomorrah (movement, displacement, disorientation
• Transitions in the cinematic conception of the event, from events regulating and controlling contingency to new complex narratives.

Ubiquity is the way in which the everyday world brings us close to events. Points distribute intensities in space and define sites that may become events if the intensity mounts. Tensed worlds. Expanded cinema which moves from the single event and addresses a spectator in an encounter. Artists and film-makers are seen as "event hunters."

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