Friday, October 22, 2010

Lilia Pérez Romero: Frontera v.2, the Technological Mirror

Having a background in graphic design, Lilia Pérez Romero calls herself primarily a practitioner, but academically she has focused on installations.

Examples of inspiration:
Edie Sedgwick's Screen test, 16 mm film, Andy Warhol, 1964
[present condinuous past(s)] Closed circuit video installation, Dan Graham, 1974
[portrait of Cati], Interactive installation, Stephan Agamanolis, 2001
[spotlight] Orit Zuckerman and Sajid Sadi, 2005

[Frontera v.1] Lilia Pérez Romero, 2005
Forntera is born with the aim of creating an interactive work that
• needs no instructions
• needs no translation
• may be understood in a brief period of time
• delivers an experience that can reach a wide range of spectators

The metaphor: hands touching through a glass window.

[Frontera v.2] Lilia Pérez Romero, 2008
The videobooth. The idea of the mirror image and the self portrait. The intimate space vs. the public space. Links to cinema but also portraiture. Technically it is screen based as well as time based, projected etc. "Frontera's interface is touch-based, in this, it echoes a widely spread trend in human-computer interaction."

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