Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lars Nyre: Location Journalism

Lars Nyre focuses on the journalistic aspects of the previously mentioned project at the University of Bergen. Hyper-local news, news that only affect a geographically small area, perhaps only a few hundred metres. The experiment lasted for a week, the "Extreme Sports Week," and Nyre describes it as attempting to create a new type of public, very local sphere, a few square kilometres in the Norwegian town of Voss and he concludes that many of the articles were written from a distance. The journalists were writing about things they heard about, but not necessarily saw for themselves, but the stories were then tagged via Google Maps. The difference between the three versions of every piece of news was not as big as intended. Often the images, and even the story, were similar. It is supposed to feel as if the reader is present at the scene, and this was the criteria that was best executed in the experiment.

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