Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Culture of Ubiquitous Computing Information Seminar 1

Ulrik Ekman welcomes everyone to the The Culture of Ubiquitous Computing Information Seminar, a seminar originally supposed to take place in April 2010 in Århus. We are now in Copenhagen, however, and Ekman begins by mentioning upcoming events in the Culture of Ubiquitous Computing seminar series. He pushes for a book he has edited: Throughout: Art and Culture Emerging with Ubiquitous Computing. This will be somewhat fragmented, since I'm live blogging.

Lev Manovich. A physical turn and AR, mixed reality and augmented reality. Milgram and Kishino: Taxonomy of Mixed Reality Visual Displays. Real - Augmented - Virtual. All of this together is mixed reality. Ubicomp is an invention in the making. the philosophical or theoretical trope of ubiquity and pervasiveness. Gesture toward the broad cultural anthropological and technological thrust. Manuel Castells: The Rise of the Network Society. Ubicomp layering: a large bottom layer of tags and sensors. Above that we'll find sensors and actors. Above that: information access, peripherals, and above that information processing. At the top: internet (backhaul) access. All layers happen at the same time. This three-day seminar aims to bring us far into answering the first major research problematic for the network and to discuss kinds of contemporary urban computing and auditory culture that involve ubiquity effects.

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