Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arild Fetveit: Photographic Mapping

Working at the University of Copenhagen, Arild Fetveit focuses on the links between maps and photography. Digitalization has led to three phases for photography: digital alteration, digital distribution, new software enhanced connections and augmentations (pattern recognition, tagging, photographic mapping). Lev Manovich argues that photos are more "graphic" than ever.

Various key words or phrases: Photographic and cartographic. Google Earth. Bing map. Presented with a 3D globe, on which photographic material is mapped. Virtual flight applications, similar to the graphics in 3D computer games. Photosynth. "The potential of making relevant (political) maps is great."

Oskar Juhlin: Isn't it rather an amateurization going on, not necessarily a change in photography?

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