Friday, June 04, 2010

Still Writing

I was taken aback when I realised it has been a month and a half since I last wrote a blog post, but this has, on the other hand, been six very productive weeks. I have finished a draft of the Midian City role-play chapter, in which I'm addressing the rules and norms shaping the role-play as well as the organization around it. Actually, all of it can be viewed as a role-play, but it is a role-play which is not always taken lightly. Although scenes can be fun and humourous, there is a pretty strict, and lively debated, framework for how to role-play. Lately the leadership structure and roles have been equally discussed, and it becomes evident that notions about the essence of the Second Life medium have a huge impact on how the residents think about the community, its leaders and the role-play.

Early Monday morning I'll be off to the Virtual Worlds Research Workshop arranged by Roskilde University and I'm scheduled to make a short presentation about Midian City on Tuesday.

Apart from that I have just begun working on a new chapter, a theory chapter, in which I will primarily draw on performance studies theorists Richard Schechner and Philip Auslander and sociologist Erving Goffman.

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