Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pecha Kucha

An extremely fast-moving session has been scheduled right before lunch, and it is in this session I'm presenting my work. In six minutes and forty seconds each presenter is to present 20 slides programmed to change every 20 seconds. The time is certainly limited and the challenge is to decide on an idea that is not too complicated, but still interesting enough to capture the audience for the entire six minutes plus. I begin by presenting a set of slides entitled "Rules and Roles in Midian City," in which I discuss the links between leadership and role-play in this Second Life community. Mikala Hansbøl is up next and she talks about teaching and learning English in an online world called Mingoville. The third presentation is made by Simon Bignell, who focuses on how the Centre for Psychological Research in Human Behaviour at the University of Derby has developed innovative problem-based teaching in Second Life. Ates Gürsimsek maps his project of people co-creating in Second Life. In the last presentation, Damon Hernandez talks about computer-aided building.

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