Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Snow, lights, Christmas tree, plenty of food... I'm looking forward to a really nice, relaxing Christmas and an interesting and wonderful new year. I wish you all the same!


Deirdre said...

Hello Maria,

I hope that your holidays have been relaxing and that you feel ready for 2010 (which is already very, very much here).

I don't know how I missed you at last year's DiGRA conference in London. I think between trying to get to all the talks that I was interested in but that, unfortunately, overlapped and doing my own presentation, I seemed to have missed you. Perhaps you will be in London another time?

All the best to you and looking forward to more of your insights.

Kind regards,

Mia said...

Hi Deirdre,

Well, unfortunately I wasn't able to go to the DIGRA conference which explains why you didn't see me there. :) I hope to go to the next one though and I do tend to be in London once in a while. I would love to know more about your own research.

All the best,