Friday, August 28, 2009

Approaching Autumn

It has been a really good summer. We've made several trips, visiting places in the Nordic countries as well as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Additionally, I have worked quite a bit, having had recurring seminars with my main supervisor, professor Jay David Bolter, throughout the summer, in which we primarily have discussed the relationship between performance studies and online worlds such as Second Life. We're at the end of that course now, I have an idea for how I would like to incorporate the performance studies perspective into my dissertation, and I will turn to methodological issues next. Secondary supervisor Mikael Jakobsson and I have planned an ethnomethodological course, which is about to start now. On the same note it has been decided that I will attend an ethnographical methods seminar at Roskilde University in Denmark and I'm very much looking forward to both.

Since my focus will mainly be on studying and writing, I will hardly be teaching at all this autumn with the exception of a two-day workshop on building in Second Life at Umeå university. It will be so great to meet everyone there again. HUMlab is a very friendly and inspiring place and I wish I could go there more often.

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