Wednesday, April 01, 2009


It has now been confirmed that I'm going to change supervisors. It won't be a major change, however. Jay Bolter, who was my secondary supervisor, has now taken on the responsibility of being my main, and Craig Lindley, who was my main supervisor, will step down slightly, but still continue as a secondary one. Additionally, Mikael Jakobsson at Malmö Högskola will step in as a secondary supervisor.

At a meeting yesterday, we decided a number of things. I have soon finished the course "The Avant Garde in Contemporary Electronic Media” with Jay as my teacher and I am to take three more courses this year, ”Performance, Interaction and Digital Games” and ”Popular Culture and Video Games” with Jay and ”Ethnographic Research Methods in Virtual Worlds” with Mikael. All my coursework should then be done. In 2010 I will primarily focus on writing and I plan to defend my dissertation in July 2011. Let's hope the plan works out.

Right now there is a lot of paperwork to be done. I need to submit my individual study plan to the faculty board, but before that it has to be signed by all my supervisors. I already have Jay's signature, but I need Craig's and Mikael's too. There are also accompanying letters to write and they also need to be signed by all, certificates to hand in, and other formal aspects to address. Many things have been long overdue, but things are happening and I'm tired but happy.

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