Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm planning a lot of things at the moment. On Monday I have two course introductions, one of them is Language and Communication 2, where I will teach essay writing, and the second one is Digital Cultures, where I will focus on blogs, online worlds and mobility. I'm also preparing a three-hour lecture on Second Life for physical planning students on Wednesday next week. It seems as if SL might be a good tool from their point of view and I'm looking forward to introducing it to them.

In the middle of all that there are also quite a lot happening regarding my supervising situtation, which I hope will change quite a bit for the better. There are discussions around this on various levels at the moment, and we will have a meeting on Tuesday to finalize it all. Additionally there are quite a few problems in the department where I work, mainly due to lack of trustworthy leadership. Things have begun to move in this regard as well and I sincerely hope that a better working climate will be the outcome. Although I realise that I'm not very open about details here on the blog, we are indeed bringing everything out in the open offline. I need to let the processes run their course.

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