Thursday, February 05, 2009

Various Meetings

I just got back from a preliminary meeting with the chairman, Joacim Petersson, and previous chairman, Martin Bagge, of the Student Union at Blekinge Institute of Technology, in which we went through the reading material for next Tuesday's University Board meeting together. The next meeting will center around a organisation plan, budget issues and the annual report for the university.

Returning home I notice that I have received an e-mail from a fellow teacher who has asked me to do a lecture/workshop in and about Second Life (also on Tuesday next week) and, after a few e-mails between us, we decide to meet in SL tomorrow at 10 am. I think it is pretty interesting how meetings and teaching look both the same and different in the physical and digital environments, and it is also interesting to see how easy it is to switch between them. It's just communication, really...

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