Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dreamweaver I — Working with a Text

Again... an assignment for the LCDM first-year students. Please create a special website for Anne Michaels' short story "Letters from Martha." This is basically a rehearsal for next weeks test, where you're also supposed to get a text to work with (that is supposed to be made and uploaded with a time limit of two hours, so the time is short).

Thus, you are all supposed to read the text carefully (but not for too long), to choose appropriate illustrations/images to the text and to create a nice and fitting layout in Dreamweaver. The text and any images should be on one or more pages, all of the sources (for text and images) have to be stated! The short story website should then be linked to your portfolio website as one of the assignments for this course. A link to all this should be e-mailed to me within the time frame and the time stamp on the e-mail shows whether you've managed to do so or not. When I get the links from you, I'll put them up here on the blog.

Good luck!

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