Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dreamweaver I — Test Results

Tuesday's task was to create a website around James Lasdun's short story "It's beginning to hurt" and I'm happy to see that so many of you met the deadline and also created really good work. Again we had some problems with the server, but most of you were able to upload everything according to plan.
    Shakeel Ahmad A bit grey with a lot of empty boxes, the text takes the center stage. No sources for the images (that are linked from certain keywords) however, and there is no heading. (It says "Untitled Document" at the top of the page.)
    Bilal Hashmi Again, no page heading, but nice and simple, good photos and all sources are stated.
    Aruna Gautam Good layout and images, but no sources. The heading is a bit anonymous, but it's there.
    Syed Kashif Ali Shah Good choice of images, but no sources. Again, no heading.
    Masood Ahmed Malik Harmonious layout where images and text are woven together. No heading, however, and no sources.
    Qing Lin Good images illustrating the mood of the text, the sources are stated and the correct heading is there as well. Well done!
    Meng Lei Good choice of (a bit more abstract) images, the correct heading and sources. Good job!
    Muhammad Amir Shakoor A very long document name! (Try to simplify that in the future.) Good choice of images, even if it might have been more interesting layout-wise to fill the empty boxes instead. The heading is there — Good! — but no image sources.
    Imran Shafiq Good basic layout, but only four of the boxes are filled with images leaving the rest of them empty. A descriptive heading — Good! — but no sources (neither for the text nor the images).
    Junaid Anwar Nice, compact layout and a good choice of images. The heading is there, but not the sources.
    Kelvin Yoreme Agadagba Good choice of images and a balanced layout! A heading is there as well as the sources. Good job!
    Xiaolu Jiang A really nice five-page layout! The sources are there as well as headings (which I unfortunately cannot read, since they are in Chinese). Well done, nevertheless!
    Nzo Nogo Kelvin Ayompe A really nice introduction to a story, but unfortunately it's the wrong story! You need to read instructions more carefully! You need to re-take the test.
    Petra Krigström Unfortunately still forbidden to access your website...
    Emmanuel Oluwadamilare Osimosu A really nice page! A good balance and the black and white works really well. The sources are there as well as the heading. Really good job!
    Ola Nilsson Nice, clean and expressive two-page layout! The illustrations work really well and the sources are there but the headings are not.
    Kerstin Andersson Again, no heading, but very nice layout and good images (with sources).
    Marco de Martini A really nice layout with images from the London Underground. The heading is there as well as the sources. Good job!
    Idowu David Jegede A very good three-page layout with clear sources and headings. Inventive way of linking. Well done!
    Joel Wennberg Headings on all six pages except the first one and a good example of inventive linking. Good images (all with sources) and a fitting layout. Good!
    Hassan Abbas Simple layout. There is a heading, but no source to the only image on the page. The other images are linked (and the original sources thus show when I click) to keywords in the text. Good!
    Agenmonmen John Nice, simple layout with fitting images and clear sources at the end. A heading is there too. Good!
    Funke Ibukun Ogungbemi The link does not work. You need to re-take the test.
    Ida Runberg A good, expressive five-page layout with sources (but no headings).
    Muhammad Abdul Rauf Good, basic layout with the appropriate images. Heading, but no sources.
    Abu Sadat Md. abdullah Fuad A good, basic layout with the appropriate images. The heading is there, but not the sources.
    Zohaib Tahir Simple, basic layout, but only the beginning of the text is there, no heading, no sources. You need to re-take the test.
    Nadia Ali Forbidden access.
    Efeoghene Agadagba Simple, basic layout, but only the beginning of the text is there and no sources. You need to re-take the test.

In the cases of webpages that cannot be accessed, I've seen the website on the machine and I know you've completed your task which means that it's no huge problem (as far as the test is concerned) but you do need to get your website working.

As you can see there are a few among you that need to do the test again. If your name is not on the list it means that you have missed this opportunity for some reason and need to do the test as well. The date for the re-test is January 9th between 1 and 3 pm. A happy holiday to all of you!