Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Teaching a Lot

I'm in the middle of teaching two courses at the moment: the Dreamweaver media lab workshops on the one hand and the Second Life building course on the other. I do the workshops in Karlskrona with over 40 first-year LCDM students and since I only meet them four times it's basically about showing them the basics of how to make websites and not go that much further. The Second Life building course is more extensive and I only have five Crossmedia students. We are based in Karlshamn and we started it all last week with four intense workshops where they explored different aspects of Second Life: introduction (flying, teleporting, map etc), avatar construction, building and scripting, and media streaming. All five are fun people and they are eager to learn more so it's a really fun course.

This afternoon I'm going to meet them again for a talk about the final assignment which is due in mid-January. They are going to create/arrange some kind of event(s) that are to take place in Second Life. Everything is pretty open at the moment, they can choose pretty freely, so I'm eager to see what they will come up with.

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