Monday, November 10, 2008

Dreamweaver I — Creating a portfolio website

Some information for the LCDM 1st-year-students on their first Dreamweaver Media Lab in which they are supposed to think about layout and html code in Dreamweaver.

The main task on this course segment will be to prepare — in Dreamweaver — a draft of your own portfolio website, which will be used throughout all the three LCDM years (of course you are allowed to improve it later on, but a structure should be created today), where all courses have their own links, preferably grouped together in "year 1," "year 2" and "year 3" respectively.

Always make sure that you are in split view mode when you work in Dreamweaver, which enables you to check both the code and the layout simultaneously.

There are a few quite good basic Dreamweaver tutorials should you need to brush up your basic Dreamweaver skills. I will give you two examples (but there is a lot more on the web): Mark Fletcher's Adobe tutorial and Haverford.

The link to your website is supposed to be sent in by midnight on Thursday the 13th at the latest. I will post the links here on this blog as soon as possible after that. Please look through all of them before class on the 18th, when we will discuss them.

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