Thursday, September 25, 2008

Analysing "Mass Effect" — Spel, spelande & spelkulturer

Spel, spelande & spelkulturer V
Spel, spelande & spelkulturer V,
originally uploaded by miabacke.
Ulrika Bennerstedt has studied the action roleplay Mass Effect. She shows a YouTube movie introducing the game and describes it as a space opera with movie influences. Game of progression with emergent structure. Creating one's own avatar. Possible roles (male or female): Soldier, engineer (tech specialist) and adept (biotic specialist). Mission: save the world through time-based assignments, puzzle or mini games (staged games), mini bosses. Information from codex, dialogue system, in the game room, radar. Well-written game world. Uncertainties because of not knowing to what extent it's possible to trust the other characters. Good or bad is not black or white. Sometimes socializer, sometimes killer. Love story in the game.

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