Thursday, September 25, 2008

Analysing "Hitman" — Spel, spelande & spelkulturer

Spel, spelande & spelkulturer III
Spel, spelande & spelkulturer III,
originally uploaded by miabacke.
• Alessandro Canossa has analysed Hitman and focuses on a numerically accountable game analysis
(Zimmerman, Lindley, Sanders, Moore)
• People leave trails, players even more so. Everything a player does in a game is meaningful.
• Games as experiences
• Mass-designing experience is hard

Tracing a players way through a game. Play-persona framework. HCI. Alan Cooper. Personas are: "detailed composite user archetypes that represent distinct groupings of behaviours, attitudes, aptitudes, goals and motivations"

• Play-persona as metaphor. Can be used by game designers to test games.
• Play-persona as lens. Discovering patterns in the player experience.

Metrics are sets of techniques for inferring higher-order concepts from the large quantity of information generated when a computer game is played. Gathering player data consists of defining interesting variables in the behaviour of players in game worlds and including in the game a piece of software that monitors these variables by sending a log of player activity back to the developers. Example: heat map.

Play-Persona Framework

Play-persona metaphor
- narrative description
- navigation and interaction possibility fields
- play modes hypothesis

Game metrics
- navigation
- interface
- interaction
- character

Play-persona lens
- data driven verification
- tools: SPSS & ARCGIS
- rebuilding experiences

Example: "A vintage year" Hitman. Game layout, how it's built up. Aesthetic analysis. Checking the colour in the game. Histogram. Mostly red, although the setting is Chile. Symbolism: Father (second floor of the hacienda), Son in the cellar. How to kill both of them? Narrative description of the "Silent Assassin." Game metrics. Checking how the player is using the interface.

Verifies hypotheses numerically. Individuation of novel play-personas. Types: James Bond, Silent Assassin, Dirty Harry, Sam Fisher, the UNA bomber etc.

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