Monday, May 19, 2008

Gaming Seminar in Gothenburg

Jonas Linderoth begins with a lecture on Rules - Fiction - Frames, which is based on Jesper Juul's "Half Real." Using SIM Safari, which is about maintaining a safari park, a camp, and a village as an interrelated, balance eco system. It involves keeping both animals, tourists and local village people happy — the latter by hiring them — in order to build a sustainable wildlife park.

The first task is to analyse an interaction diagram, with dialogue taken from children's game-play: (Column 1 = name, Column 2 = dialogue, Column 3 = what is happening in the room, Column 4 = what is happening on the screen)

The main task is to look at it from the idea of Juul's concept of rules and fiction and how they interrelate, and to see when the players are in character and out of character play.

Their understanding of how an eco system is not necessarily clear, and is not necessarily learned, in this case they simply learn to choose between different flowers in green/yellow/red frames. The game rules are learned, not information about the flower.

Instructions for next time (online seminar): Skim Jesper Juul's chapter 2, where he focuses on models for games, borderline cases and not games.

Characteristics according to Juul:
- Fixed rules
- Variable outcome
- Valorazion of outcome
- Player effort
- Negotiable consequences
- Player attachment to outcome

If a game doesn't fulfil this it's not a game (a non-game).

On the other hand, pay attention to the latter part of Juul's book.

Game Types
- Emergence games
- Progression games (guided by the game designer through a game, walkthrough online)

Rules and Fiction
- Breakdowns
- Cue each other...
    - Fiction cue
    - Rules cue fiction

Instructions for the final course assignment
Oral presentation, about 30 mins
20 h of game-play
Analyse, present and relate it to course concepts.


Example of a presentation:

"Basic design patterns
game of emergence
multiplayer shooter
team based
mission oriented maps
Functional roles (socially adaptable?!)
Role reversal

Coherent Gameworld according to Juul?
• No invisible walls or knee-high fences
• You die if you leave the battlezone

Imperfect information (information rules)
• Juuls distinctions
- Outcome Valorization rules
- Game state rules
- Information rules
• Radar!!
• In this game you can disgueise yourself..."

Then showing a movie from the game.



Double-bind Theory ---- dolphin tricks

When someone gets a dual message can induce schizophrenia. Anxiety. Married to Margaret Mead. Friend of John Lilith.

Up-/downkeying - musical analogy (a preunderstanding is necessary for understanding (keying) to occur).
Upkeying - "Shakespeare in Love" move from literal reality, put a fictional layer
Downkeying - taking it literally

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