Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dreamweaver II - Completed Layout Assignment

The completed last assignments on the Dreamweaver Media Lab segment of the course. You've done a good job!
    Jialiang Tan A simple, but clear and very readable frame layout.

    Jimmy Olsson Very good use of CSS! The text is framed in a window and scrolls behind the glass.

    Petra Horning Very nice! CSS has been used to create a clickable "map" in the window.

    Abdul Qayyum Bhatti A simple layout with ok contrast. What I would want is probably larger margins on the sides as well as slightly smaller text. Large letters do not necessarily increase the readability.

    Dildora Nutfieva Again, a simple frame layout and nice pictures in muted gray. The font is slightly inconsistent (between the pages), and the link to the next page is actually at the top of the pages instead of below which might be more logical, but apart from that it reads well.

    Phillips Omowunmi The whole story on one page, simple and clear layout. Again, larger margins would be preferable.

    Zienju Roger Nzeefe I'm not entirely convinced that the images have that much to do with the story, and the font size is a bit too big, but it's still easy to read.

    Sofie Leosson Nice clear layout and good use of 19th century images.

    Magdalena Garkova Very nice and very fitting frame! The text is somewhat big, but it reads clearly and looks nice.

    Lina Kobenkova Simple and clear, but nothing that accentuates the story.

    Umida Rahmanova Simple table layout with a good use of images. A bit too many different fonts, but otherwise clear and readable.

    Zornitsa Vakareeva A very nice unity! The background, the images and the text go together very nicely. Good proportions as well. Well done!

    Ida Henriksson A very nice, clean layout! The thought of structuring the story and the layout in seasons as well as the highlighting of the words window/widow are nice touches!

    Farooq Sarwar Too little contrast between the background and the text and I would have wanted bigger margins on each side, but otherwise it's a good layout. Good text size and images!

    Ateeq Ur Rehman A good framing, but the text is a big block with makes it slightly difficult to read. There is also very little that accentuates the content of the story.

    Main Hasan A simple table layout with good, clear colours. Do the AAAA show in code mode in Dreamweaver?

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