Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dreamweaver II - Basic CSS Layouts Created

Thanks, guys! Although some of you did everything in the assignment this wasn't the case for most of you. What seems to cause most problems is the "CSS feature of your own choice" part and the tutorial. With hope of improvement in the next assignment I post the following list (in the order they were e-mailed to me).
    Jimmy Olsson A very good example of all the things that were required plus a tutorial on how to create a box with a shadow. The layout is really clear too.

    Phillips Omowunmi A good first attempt, but the h1 and h2 tags that she has used are not identified in the style sheet and therefore there is no difference between them. The background and the yellow text colour and size compete in a sense.

    Lina Kobenkova Good try! Background colour has in this example been applied to the text itself, while the background is left white. The purple-blue text doesn't provide much contrast to the bright pink background, however, and the image at the bottom needs "chmoding" to appear.

    Abdul Qayyum Bhatti Cool (and readable) colour combination. Good use of navigation as well.

    Zienju Roger Nzeefe The background image and the long lines makes the text a bit difficult to read, but it's a good first attempt.

    Sofie Leosson A good example of an easy-to-read tutorial (with screenshots!). The background is very (perhaps too) visible, but is contrasted by the red text. Well done!

    Farooq Sarwar An example of a pretty basic webpage, but the text colours and the distance between lines have been changed. Good first attempt!

    Dildora Nutfieva The use of upper and lower case letters, colours that have been altered as well as screenshots of "how she did it". Well done!

    Ida Henriksson A good example of overlapping images as well as the required altering of sizes and colours. Well done to Ida who wasn't even there at the media lab. I hope you feel better soon!

    Zornitsa Vakareeva A very good step-by-step tutorial on how she completed the assignments. All the required things are there as well as instructions on how to add borders and define margins. Well done!

    Main Hasan A basic layout where text and background have been defined. The table, however, should not be needed anymore, but that is a slightly more complicated part of CSS. Next time... :)

    Umida Rahmanova Good basic tutorial with text, colour and background changes and screenshots added.

    Magdalena Garkova Again... a good basic tutorial with all the elements that should be there. Well done!
When you go through these links, make sure that you look at the source code in order to see what is happening on the page! I have added my comments to all of them here since we won't talk much about them in class the next time we meet. They will, however, be important anyway since they will function as our basis when we look more into design issues.

UPDATE: Two latecomers...
    Ateeq Ur Rehman A good example of fixed background (scrolling text but not background) as well as a transparent block. Good!

    Petra Horning Nice cursor! :) Good use of the basic CSS features as well.

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