Friday, February 15, 2008

Besides Teaching

I just felt it was time for an update on what I do besides teaching. At the moment I'm reading a lot.

I'm at the end of "The Avant Garde and New Media" course on which I have read Clement Greenberg's two essays "Avante-Garde and Kitsch" and "Modernist Painting" and Michael Fried's "Art and Objecthood, Renato Poggioli's The Theory of the Avant-Garde, D. N. Rodowick's The Crisis of Political Modernism and Peter Bürger's Theorie der Avantgarde (which I read in German). Right now I'm half-way into Andreas Huyssen's After the Great Divide and next I will (only) glance through Rosalind Krauss's The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths and A Voyage on the North Sea.

It's a very interesting course and I'm thinking a lot about how to apply these ideas to online worlds such as Second Life, Twinity or Kaneva. Is there or was there an avant garde when it comes to these platforms? What kinds of avant garde could in that case be said to operate within them? I need to think about it and discuss it a bit more. Thanks, Jay, for giving me the opportunity.

Another course that has just started is "Spel, Spelande och Spelkultur" (Games, Gaming and Game Culture) at Gothenburg University. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the first meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I hope I will be able to be there at the next meeting(s). The reading prior to the first meeting was Staffan Björk, Sus Lundgren, and Jussi Holopainen's "Game Design Patterns" and Jose P. Zagal and Michael Mateas's "Temporal Frames: A Unifying Framework for the Analysis of Game Temporality." I really look forward to it and hope this course will help provide a more solid foundation in Game Theory for me.

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