Friday, January 18, 2008

Back After the Holidays

Christmas in Kolding/Århus and New Year's in Malung was wonderful, but now I'm back at work again. At the moment I'm reading a lot about the avant garde (a course I'm taking with Jay Bolter), and I'm also thinking of taking two other courses: Mind, Computer & Society online in sociology (here at BTH) and Spel, spelande och spelkultur - Teorier och traditioner, a course held at Gothenburg University. Additionally there is going to be two courses on the cognitive science and the psychophysiology of digital game-play.

In addition to looking at courses I'm going to take, I'm also preparing my teaching. The first course starts on Monday when I will go to Karlshamn to teach how to build in Second Life. The week after it is time for the first media lab (Dreamweaver II), where the LCDM first years will go more into website layout (focussing more on CSS this time). In February I will do a guest lecture (2001: A Space Odyssey — both the movie and the novel) on the Literature and Media I course. In March my colleague Maria Engberg and I begin the Digital Cultures course which runs throughout the rest of the semester.

Hmmm... I have a feeling that the upcoming semester will be interesting. :)

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