Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Metaversum's 3D world Twinity

Twinity III
Twinity III,
originally uploaded by miabacke.
I've been testing the beta version of Twinity now and then for the last few weeks and visually it is a very nice environment. The water looks amazing, there are mirrors inworld that capture what is in front of them, and both houses/apartments and furniture are nicely built/modelled.

I am in the world as myself. There is a one-to-one correspondence between my avatar and my offline self. The name is the same and when people click to see my profile, my RL information is shown.

Twinity is clearly primarily a social platform with inworld games on their way and several other upcoming interactive improvements. However, for me as a builder/designer it is rather frustrating to "just walk around" not "doing anything." There are no building tools, the only thing I can do is to place ready-made furniture where I want them. I can alter the texture on those objects, but not on the walls of my apartment (that has not been created by me).

I have moved around a bit, checking what other people are doing in the world. So far most spaces look pretty much the same. Most people are using the same furniture (the choice is rather limited at the moment) even though some have customized the texture. It is possible to upload images and textures that then can be applied to cupboards, paintings or lamps.

The avatar customization tools are pretty good and easy to use (and rather similar to the Second Life ones), but it is still difficult at this point in time to get my avatar the way I want it. That might be me, though, not being sufficiently proficient in the new interface.

All in all I'm looking forward to following the development of Twinity.


jere said...

hi mia,

thanks for the nice post about twinity. you're right that we have a ways to go with regards to building tools, etc. we'll have more information about that shortly. :-)

- jeremy

Mia said...

Thanks, Jeremy, even though you *are* being a bit secretive! ;) I'm really looking forward to see all the things you guys have in mind. :)