Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

Frost I
Frost I,
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Today it was the last day at work before Christmas, and I picked up my new computer, an HP Compaq 8510p. It feels a bit weird, since it is the first PC I've ever had (that I haven't just borrowed).

I've had Macintoshes for 15 years and I will probably always feel more "at home" using an Apple computer, but at this point in time I have to be able to use applications and games only available on Windows, so here I am... Both my beloved MacBook and the PC will come with me when I leave for Denmark tomorrow.

I'm very much looking forward to the holidays. I'll try not to turn on any of the computers if I can, but, knowing myself pretty well, I realise that I probably will.


Robert Sharl said...

Curious as to why you're not just running Windows in Boot Camp or Parallels Mia :-S

Mia said...

The main reason is that the graphics card on my 18 months old MacBook is not really up to running 3D games anymore. This was the solution the university preferred.

However, I *will* buy a new MacBook/MacBook Pro sooner or later... Not just yet, though.