Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dreamweaver I - Test Completed

Today's test assignment: One the first webpage you create today you are supposed to create a season's greeting card. It is supposed to have at least one image that fits your topic (please state the image source) and the appropriate text. That first webpage should also have links to the following two pages: One webpage that step-by-step describes how you created your card, i.e. a "season's greeting card tutorial", and another that analyses the layout and feel of your card, i.e. why you created it the way you did.
All of you on this list, including Umida Rahmanova (who has been unable to upload her webpages to the server) have completed the assignment and past the exam. Well done! For the rest of you, who didn't take today's test, or have been notified that you failed this exam, will get the opportunity to do a re-take on January 8th at 9 am.

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