Sunday, December 09, 2007

Another Online 3D World — Kaneva

My Pad in Kaneva I
My Pad in Kaneva I,
originally uploaded by miabacke.
Another online 3D world, Kaneva, has been my focus the last few days. A new avatar, a new apartment, new textures to upload and a new environment to explore.

I like the way it's so easy to move around in Kaneva. My avatar walks briskly and is easy to control, quite the opposite of Twinity and sometimes also Second Life (but the latter is usually due to lag).

The environment is a bit more customizable in Kaneva than in Twinity. I can change the texture on everything in my apartment and on everything I buy, but it is still not easy to edit linked objects. (Perhaps I haven't figured that one out just yet?)

A fun thing is that the television works in Kaneva (which I think it does in Twinity as well, but I haven't had time to figure that one out just yet). It's possible to provide YouTube links or streaming tv which is then viewable in my apartment.

There are close ties between the Kaneva website and the 3D platform, something which is very similar to Twinity and its social sister website, Yumondo, but the content is completely different. Textures and media files are actually uploaded to the website for easy use inside Kaneva, whereas both Yumondo and Twinity stress the geographical context.

I'm not as impressed by the general look in Kaneva, however, especially not in the public areas. They tend to feel a bit clunky. The visual aspect of Twinity, for instance, is, in my opinion, far more appealing, even though it, at the moment, does not have as many options.

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