Friday, November 23, 2007

Soon Off Again

originally uploaded by miabacke.
I've been asked to hold yet another lecture at Aalborg University (on Thursday) in addition to the one I had already planned for Friday, so already on Wednesday we're driving over this bridge again.

I'm preparing the powerpoint slides right now. My lecture on Thursday will be about what (at least some) residents actually do when they are in Second Life, and I intend to discuss to what extent their actions have an impact on the inworld economy.

The Friday lecture will be slightly more hands-on. I will then discuss user-generated content in Second Life, both how it's actually created as well as possibilities and boundaries when creating avatars and objects. I hope I won't go too far into technicalities...


Bryan's workshop blog said...

Excellent. Good experience, that. And good luck!

Mia said...

Thanks, Bryan! I'm looking forward to it... :)