Thursday, November 01, 2007

In Århus this Week

Århus Town Centre I
Århus Town Centre I,
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Arriving on Saturday, this week has been a productive one. I have just finished Lisa Nakamura's book Cybertypes, finished a paper on avatar construction in Second Life role-playing sims, and I'm reading Noah Wardrip-Fruin's First Person at the moment.

Yesterday evening, however, Thomas and I took a walk in the old Århus city centre. It was still pretty warm (considering the fact that it was Oct 31st and pretty late in the evening) and there were quite a lot of people everywhere.

Today I'll stay on the sofa reading a bit more and then I'll be off to meet Thomas at the town square some time late this afternoon. We've decided to go to the viking museum and perhaps a few other things. It just feels really good to be here...


Bryan's workshop blog said...

Have a great time. I hope the weather holds out.

Mia said...

It did actually. :) It was very nice Scandinavian autumn weather throughout the whole week and we were really happy about that.