Monday, November 12, 2007

Dreamweaver I - November 13

Some information for the LCDM 1st-year-students on their first Dreamweaver Media Lab in which they are supposed to think about layout and html code in Dreamweaver.

In today's media lab your first task is to look at and analyse the html tag structure in the source code of two different web pages: the TKS section website and the League of Worlds log-in page.

Your second task is to create two basic layouts: one "frame layout" and one "table layout," where you will show us your findings. The two pages should look as similar as possible, should have text (your analysis), links to the two pages above (TKS website and and the League of Worlds log-in page), and images (perhaps screen shots) that explain what you mean, and this should be posted on your own website. Please send the links to me at the end of the class.

There are a few quite good basic Dreamweaver tutorials should you need to brush up your basic Dreamweaver skills. I will give you two examples (but there is a lot more on the web): Mark Fletcher's Adobe tutorial and Haverford.

UPDATE: The link(s) to your website is supposed to be sent in by noon on Monday the 12th at the latest. I will send out the links to all of you as soon as possible after that. Please look through all of them before class on the 13th.

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