Thursday, October 25, 2007

Second Life Workshop and Other Related Issues

It has been yet another busy week. Tuesday I had yet another workshop in and about Second Life, where participants from different fields at Blekinge Institute of Technology created avatars, logged in and took the first—sometimes slightly wobbly—steps in SL. We had interesting discussions about the 3D world and the university's role in it, while editing appearances, flying around and exploring various places.

It has also been decided that I'm going to give a lecture/workshop on the same topic at Aalborg University in Denmark. I will meet with Betty Li Meldgaard, whom I met at the M3 conference in Södertörn, at the Electronic Festival on Friday November 2nd, which is convenient since I will be in Århus then anyway.

Additionally, I just logged out of Second Life where I had met Jay Bolter. The augmented reality research group at Georgia Tech has now succeeded in creating a link between the worlds in real time. I could see Jay's avatar moving into a streamed webcam video and interact with "real" people in real time, and I could do the same. Impressive and very interesting. It's late, but I'm not sure I will be able to sleep. It's simply too exciting...

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