Thursday, October 11, 2007

LoW4 - Virtual Worlds as Potential Collaborative Learning Environments

Ole Victor from Kalmar University discusses collaborative learning environments that Kalmar University is involved in: Virtuella Världar, Kamimo Island and the Second Swedish Net University. Unfortunately his colleague Anders Arpteg is ill and not able to be here, and therefore the technical part is a bit abbreviated. His own field is virtual design teaching & learning. He describes the school of design, and the way the glass design education have built bridges between Second Life and the offline work they are doing. He concludes that it is not an easy task to use virtual worlds in teaching, and argues that it is costly, lots of work, complicated, translation underestimated, difficult to evaluate, dissemination important. Levels of e-learning: computer tools to support teachers ->using the web -> distance teaching -> virtual worlds. Second Life was not a success in their courses.

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