Thursday, October 11, 2007

LoW4 - Ongoing...

It is a bit different this time. I'm an organizer and I'm involved in many of the sessions even though I might not be presenting. Yesterday, Jay Bolter and Celia Pearce from Georgia Institiute of Technology gave presentation from Atlanta and I monitored their presentations. We used voice and camera on Skype, went to their island in Second Life, and used Powerpoint slides that were pdf:ed and shown in a browser. Additionally we showed movie clips in Real Player. All of it in Jay's presentation which focused on Augmented Reality and his work with Blair MacIntyre. Luckily it worked out perfectly. Celia showed us her environment in Second Life and talked to us on Skype at the same time.

We then moved on to Wayne's Coffee, both the virtual version in Second Life and the RL version in central Karlskrona. A lively discussion took place, and the press were there to interview us about we were doing.

This morning, Glenda McPherson and her colleagues at GippsTAFE in Morwell, Australia, showed us their island in Second Life and told us about the role-playing courses they are experimenting with inworld. The entire presentation was written in the chat window, which at first felt a bit slow but the interaction increased, and we had a really good discussion.

In the second session, George Olson from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, talked about evaluation of courses in online worlds. What kind of parametres are applicable? Do we need a clearly defined goal? It inspired a good discussion. The second part of the session was dedicated to one of my own projects, the Second Swedish Net University. Pirjo Elovaara and myself showed the audience the humble start of the project and discussed its not too well defined and goal-oriented start.

Recently Roni Linser discussed role-playing and social vs game-based rules. His paper was pretty close to what I will be presenting on later today, which of course is very interesting. Talan Memmott is now presenting a paper called Identity to Adentity, where he starts out by defining the word avatar, and continuing to speak about how the avatar is a part of a desiring loop. Narcisystem (user, computer and the network). Space (here and there to one, here and there to the other). Adentity = being online. Virtuality disguises labour as play. Conductivity trumps connectivity. You need to do something in order for something to become active, to create connectivity.

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