Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LoW4 - Keynote speaker: John Lester

John Lester
John Lester,
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What is Second Life? John Lester (Pathfinder Linden) is using the metaphor of the Internet to explain SL. Everything happens in real time. Extremely dynamic content created by the users, not Linden Lab.

Numbers from yesterday: 15,000 CPUs, 375 square miles of land. Escape, Entertainment, Education, Work, Advocacy, Free to Access, Fees for Land Ownership.

SL community older and more gender balanced than typical MMO games, Gender neutral by hours of use, Median age of 35, Real world skills translate into Second Life (remember, this isn't a game).

The creation of tools is the main thing: Scripting (LSL) as a way to breath life into objects inworld. It also sends and receives data to and from the outside world. Intellectual property rights. The richness of relatioinships between people and places. "Emotional bandwidth," social cues and proxemics, animations and sounds, and create your visual identity in a social context. Sculpted prims. Voice in SL increases the "natural feel" of the environment, helps navigation and the way we perceive things, the way our brains work.

Second Life as a very new medium which has to explored also from a media perspective. What is the strenght of it? How can it be used?

Cool Places: Vassar College's Sistine Chapel, Straylight Island (sculpties), Reuters, Aimee Weber's Hurricane Hunters,

People + Tools + Shared Spaces = Metaverse.


Bryan's workshop blog said...

Sounds like a fun talk. Hello, League of Worlds!

Mia said...

Hi, Bryan! Good to see that you're joining us... :)