Friday, October 12, 2007

LoW4 - Friday Morning

In the morning Lindy McKeown showed us her work centered around "active learning" in Second Life. She was presenting from Australia and we were using voice in SL to get her message across. The second presenter in the first session was Jutta Törnqvist from Arcada University of Applied Science. She presented the Marinetta project in Second Life and showed us the SL version of the Eurovision Song Contest, with L'Angelot as the major attraction.

The LCDM students then showed the poster sessions they had created on the mobile technology course, while a few of us took some time to discuss where to have the League of Worlds 5 conference. (No, I don't intend to tell you just yet...)

After the break Philippe Bonfils talks about his experiences while implementing Second Life as a platform on his courses, and shows how he worked to get students familiar with the environment, and create meeting spots. He had also studied the demography and how the students related to the interface.

John Power at the RMIT University in Melbourne shows the work from a project he has done with a group of graduate students at RMIT. (Livarno, Battlefield 1942, Max Pane) It started out as role-playing... And now he's showing some amazing movies.

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