Friday, October 12, 2007

LoW4 - Friday Afternoon

Daniel Spikol is presenting his paper "Collaboration, Learning and Mobile Technologies” in which he describes how he has integrated mobile technology in his teaching, and how he attempts to understand how it can enhance learning and collaboration. Pros: Collaboration and interaction is facilitated. Cons: hardware problems, standards, tools, cost, and privacy. More information here:

The next presenter is my colleague Lissa Holloway-Attaway. Her paper is entitled "Hand-Held History: mobilizing culture and identity." Loving our small devices. A toaster is more than a toaster, the aura of the machine (the Hello Kitty toaster). She argues that it is a (his)tory of abstraction.

Another colleague of mine at BTH is Malin Jogmark, and she is the next presenter. Her paper," Space and Mobility," highlights the ways to move around in Second Life. Movement, and in fact existance, in SL is based on the movement of our real bodies. If we don't move the touchpad/mouse our avatar slumps over and is eventually logged out. Walking is problematized by the fact that you can walk under water, teleportation is more familiar since it resembles clicking on a link on the web and arriving at your destination. We are not really moving, however, it's actually the images being downloaded and rendered on our screens.

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