Wednesday, September 26, 2007

M3 - Summing Up

Very unfortunate, since I had to catch the last (and only) flight back to Blekinge, I had to rush off before I had a chance to hear the last keynote speaker at the M3 conference, Lisa Nakamura. I was still happy to have been able to talk to her a few times at the conference, but I also regret being unable to stay. From what I have heard, her presentation was really interesting.

On the whole it was a very good conference, both because of very interesting presentations, the discussions we had and the fact that I both met people that I haven't seen in a very long time and loved to meet again — Ken Knoespel whom I met for the first time in Karlskrona in 2003 and then again at Georgia Tech in 2006, Malin Sveningsson Elm, with whom I actually shared an office when I first started working at Karlstad University in 2003, Jim Barrett, whom I first met at a workshop in Umeå in 2005, as well as Johan Bornebusch, Ulf Hagen and Patrik Hernwall from Södertörn University College of course — but also people whom I met for the first time. Åsa Sundelin is one of them and has decided to come to the League of Worlds conference and I also have a feeling I will meet Betty Li Meldgaard at Aalborg University again. We talked about getting together at some point when I'm in Århus and it might even result in me giving a few lectures at Aalborg University. We'll see...

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