Thursday, September 27, 2007

Current Research

Mare Mare Research Centre
Mare Mare Research Centre,
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I thought this image would be appropriate when I am to describe what I've been doing recently. It was taken in Second Life at the newly built Mare Mare Research Centre in Hikuelo. Based on the paper I presented at the M3 conference last week, I have created an exhibition in SL, where I write a little bit about the paper, show images and link to covenants I refer to in it. It feels like an appropriate way to show work I have actually done in Second Life.

Apart from this I have spent the day moving offices. Seven boxes of books have been packed and unpacked along with some other (less bulky) stuff. Perhaps I should mention that I've had the privilege to give a lecture (and also a workshop) on Second Life to my colleagues. Another one will take place on October 23rd.

But before that there is the League of Worlds conference to focus on. Today I've been discussing Internet access for all of us at the main location, the Naval museum. We'll definitely need a reliable line, since a lot of the conference will take place in SL.

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