Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Busy Writing Again

Right now I'm writing a paper for the upcoming M3 conference at Södertörn, south of Stockholm. The title is: "Construction of Digital Space: Second Life as a fantasy or a work tool." I'm trying to structure it right now and I know it will be interesting to delve into it more thoroughly in the next few days.

Besides that I'm doing all kinds of practical stuff. It certainly shows that I've been away almost non-stop since mid June. On Sunday, we came back from a shorter vacation in Öland (producing more than 300 photos!), and we're leaving again for Denmark soon. In late August everything will be back to normal though — school starts again and I will be preparing lectures and workshops, reading novels and writing, writing, writing again as usual. For now, however, we're enjoying the possibility to be more flexible.

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