Monday, March 05, 2007

Manhattan from the Flight between Newark and Birmingham

Yes, this photo is a bit old now. It has already been more than a week. But I do like the pattern of the neon signs and street lamps on Manhattan.

It has been a busy week, where I've both tried to adjust to the fact that I'm back in Sweden while at the same time attempting to keep everything running here.

I've already booked the next four flights, but this time I won't travel that far, only to seminars at Uppsala University. The plans for spring begin to shape up, and I know a bit more about what I'm going to do.

When it comes to my dissertation, I have in a sense gone back a little to where it all began. The link to literature needs to be far stronger than what it has been in the papers I've written lately. Not that this will diminish the involvement in, or link to, online worlds such as Second Life, but I have to be more clear about my focus. After all, I am doing my PhD in literature.

Yesterday I put together a list of authors and books that I might work on in my dissertation: Pat Cadigan, Melissa Scott, C.J. Dorsey, Ellen Ullman, Lisa Mason... All my choices seem to be female for some reason, but I'm sure I'll draw parallels to works by William Gibson, Neal Stephenson and/or Richard Morgan. The cyberpunk/sci-fi thread is very visible though. We'll see where all this takes me...

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