Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Day

No, it's not in honour of George W. But it's holiday (more info here) here today and the New York Public Library is closed. Well, well... I'll have time to go tomorrow as well though, but I had intended go there today on my way to see Mary at a café. I'm going to meet her at 1 pm.

Yesterday evening I strolled up and down 5th avenue, ending up at Barnes & Noble. And yes, I bought books – again! (I know I'm bad, but my suitcase actually weighed only 11 kilos when I flew here. I have plenty of room for books.) :) I bought John Dos Passos U.S.A. trilogy in order to have my own copies (I had borrowed The 42nd Parallel from my colleague, Maria Engberg, and I'm sure she'll be happy to have her copy back).

I've just had an amazing breakfast: fresh fruit, bread, tea and orange juice. It's a beautiful day here, but it's cold (-11 C°/13 F°). I brought my winter jacket though so it doesn't really matter that much. I'll probably use the hours before the scheduled meeting with Mary to stroll around and take photos. I'm sure you'll see the result here on the blog and on Flickr sooner or later.

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