Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Busy Week...

This week is really hectic with fours seminars (of which two took place in Uppsala yesterday). The next will be on Wednesday when we will focus on Derrida and Stiegler, and the last one will be on Thursday (Dreiser's An American Tragedy, Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, Crane's The Red Badge of Courage, and O'Neill's Mourning Becomes Electra). Additionally we will look at structuralism and poststructuralism.

Yesterday, my colleage Robert Sharl arrived as well. We got together at Arlanda and flew back to Ronneby together. He's here to talk about pod casts and how to create a digital archive, but I'm sure we will find other things we have in common as well. I'm lookin forward to introducing him to my colleagues here at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Robert will stay in Karlskrona until Thursday.

Right now I'm teaching CSS to the year one students on the LCDM program, something which some of them consider absolutely impossible to grasp, whereas others have created their first CSS file already.

And on Friday my colleague Vicky is defending her thesis...

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